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Introducing Halo
The made-for-iPhone hearing aid.
Hear life to its fullest with Halo, our breakthrough Made for iPhone® Hearing Aids and our easy-to-use TruLink™ Hearing Control app which are engineered to work specifically with your iPhone, iPad® and iPod touch®. Together, Halo and TruLink are designed to stream phone calls, music and more, directly from your iPhone to your hearing aids. Now available in two styles to fit individuals with mild to severe hearing loss.


Astra Hearing Care is a chain of hearing aid centres that ensure international standards in hearing diagnostics, quality of hearing aid products, professional services and patient care.Every day we open up a world of sound for our patients. At Astra we are proud to assist you by providing you with not only world class hearing diagnosis but also with the most technologically advanced hearing aids available. We believe in using superior hearing aid technology as a means to achieve something even greater — creating meaningful connections between people and their worlds. It has been more than a decade long journey and Astra is proud to have touched the lives of so many people by enabling them to hear once again. Our focus is not just to provide hearing aids but to improve the hearing lives of people.


Astra’s hearing aid centres are currently located at Chennai, Madurai, Salem and Nagpur. From humble beginnings in 2002, Astra hearing care today is considered as one of the fastest growing hearing aid Centres in India.If you suspect hearing loss, please get in touch with us and the hearing professionals at Astra who would be more than ready to help.


Less than 10% of hearing loss can be corrected medically or surgically, whereas 95% of hearing loss can be managed effectively with today's innovative hearing aids. Hearing loss in not only one of the world’s most common health issue but is also one of the most treatable. Living with hearing loss can be frustrating and even dangerous. By wearing hearing aids one could function better in all areas of his life. Just as you do not put off getting glasses when you have trouble seeing, getting hearing aids when you have trouble hearing should not be put off. In fact medical research point out that early detection and treatment of hearing loss by fitting hearing aids can make a difference.


Hearing technology has come a long way. It is extremely difficult for someone to get past the image in their mind about what a hearing aid may look like and the social stigma attached to it. Hearing aid technology has evolved to the extent that there are TOTALLY INVISIBLE hearing aids that would help get over the stigma of wearing hearing aids.Hearing aids are now available with an option to sync them directly to ones mobile phones thereby making listening to telephone conversations and music extremely comfortable. Hearing aids have become waterproof and thereby protecting them effectively against sweat, humidity and moisture. Most hearing aids have automatic environment detection and adjusts itself automatically in preset situations.


Invisible hearing aids in the canal are the best option for those whose social stigma of wearing hearing aids affects them psychologically. Your lifestyle does not change in anyway and you could participate in everyday life just as how you do always with the confidence that the hearing aids that you are wearing are invisible to others.


In case a child is suspected to have hearing loss, helping parents understand and overcome the initial shock and providing appropriate hearing care is an integral component of our commitment. The Audiologist at Astra would not only help in conducting the appropriate tests to determine the extent of hearing loss but would also help in choosing the appropriate hearing aid that would provide optimum amplification and suit such hearing loss. Providing support and advice on aural habilitation after proper fitment of hearing aids and helping parents learn and cope with their little ones hearing loss is a key component of our service.


The price of hearing aids is probably the single most important factor in the mind of individuals with hearing loss when selecting a hearing aid. Though price is important, it is recommended that one should selects a hearing aid that is most appropriate for his hearing loss and the one that perfectly addresses and solves his problems in all of his hearing situations. The advice of an clinical audiologist is critical in the selection of appropriate hearing aid.


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Google+ Reviews

Sandip Banerjee

My daughter has a delayed speech.We went to Apollo Kolkata they treated her wrong.Then last month we went to Chennai Apollo Hospital & meet with the ENT Dr Balaji. He diagnosed her with a hearing loss in both the ear.He ... more

Arathi Laxman

Astra Hearing Care is all about excellence at it starts from Dr. Rajan and is exhibited by the entire staff. This is a doctor who cares that his patient’s problem is solved to the best of his ability. This kind ... more

Anupam Srivastava

I've had moderate to severe hearing loss in both ears for several years, which has necessitated using top-of-the-line hearing aids and interacting with several audiologists. Late last year, I came to Astra for Starkey's (then new) Halo, when I ... more

Swaminathan Balakrishnan

There are many hearing-aid sellers in the market, but a few is customizing and personalising the product. It was fortunate I discovered Astra Hearing Care where I met Dr. Rajan, an expert Audiologist who is lofty, yet humble ... more

Loveena Murugan

Having been diagnosed with bilateral sudden sensorineural hearing loss of significant degree, with almost nil hearing in the left, I was referred to Astra Hearing Care for evaluation and assessment. I walked into Astra distraught and shattered ... more

Muthuswamy Ramachandran

Awesome service being experienced for years. Patience with the patients to the core....Well done and Keep up the good service. ... more


I had a very pleasant experience when I bought my hearing aid from Astra. The staff are very knowledgeable and extremely professional. As I was a victim of mis-selling earlier it came as a pleasant surprise that they recommended a device which ... more

Carlos Gil Sobera

The first thing that you see when entering is the Budha. I love this. The consultations rooms being made with transparent glass I like very much too giving a seamless feeling of IN and OUT and the fluidity of the people working there ... more

Mani Arunachalam

I have had a hearing loss for many years. I put off purchasing hearing aids for a long time because I didn’t want to wear traditional hearing aids. My hearing loss began affecting my professional and personal life. Until I ... more

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