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Astra Hearing Care is India's No. 1 Hearing Care Center equipped with state of art facilities, maintaining international standards in dispensing Digital Hearing Aids and a chain of clinics with pan-India presence in Chennai, Madurai, Nagpur, Lucknow and Jaipur.

We served more than 12,000 clients over last ten years.

Take advantage of our decade long experience


Get precise hearing assessment

Understanding the importance of hearing, Astra hearing care provides a complete and precise assessment of your hearing through various tests by competent clinical audiologist and provides you with a valid report.


Get factual information

Thereafter every patient is counselled with factual information on their hearing and an appropriate hearing aid if necessary is recommended.


Choose from wide range of hearing aids

Our clinical audiologists help you to select an appropriate hearing instrument from the wide range of hearing aids to meet your specific hearing loss and exclusive lifestyle requirement.


Experience our high fidelity attitude

Each individual with hearing loss deserves very special treatment. It's what we believe. That's the reason why we treat every hearing aid fitting as a life-changing opportunity.


Receive great insights from our audiologists

Our team of clinical audiologists share this philosophy and each of them would work closely with you to help ensure you get the world's best hearing solutions.


Astra + Starkey is combined excellence

Astra exclusively dispenses Starkey hearing aids from USA, a world leader in hearing innovation that has helped millions of patients across the globe experience more with never before seen hearing aid technologies.


The no-compromise hearing aid technology

It was Starkey that made hearing aids virtually feedback free, so that they don't whistle when you hug someone, buzz when you touch your hair or shriek when you keep your telephone to your ear. It was Starkey that created the first in canal hearing aid and the first custom, digital and fully programmable invisible hearing that is 100% invisible when worn by a patient. It was Starkey that first utilized nanotechnology in hearing aids, brought touch technology, made hearing aids waterproof and began tackling the biggest challenge wearers have historically faced – hearing in noise.

Consult our audiologists for a free hearing test. Call (044) 2826 2624 / 25 or click here:

Experience state-of-art hearing aid technology

Astra Hearing Care with its team of qualified clinical audiologists and Starkey – USA with its technologically proven
hearing aids give you an unbeatable combination to help you hear naturally with appropriate hearing aids.

Starkey Hearing Aids
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