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Astra Hearing Care by virtue of being a Starkey preferred partner has the expertise and resources of a world class hearing aid Technology Company behind us. All of Starkey hearing aids are tested clinically and in the real world thereby helping us fit the most comfortable and personalized hearing aids on the market.


Starkey hearing technologies was founded in 1967. Having its headquarters in Minneapolis – U.S.A., Starkey Hearing Technologies is a world leader in the design, development and distribution of comprehensive high technology hearing aids. Starkey employs more than 3,500 people, operate 21 facilities and conduct business in more than 100 countries worldwide. In India, Starkey has a fully owned subsidiary –Starkey India at Noida/India.


Starkey is the first to make an in-canal hearing aid(ITC), the first completely in canal (CIC) hearing aid, the first hearing aid with nanotechnology and the first real-ear measurement integrated hearing aid. Starkey is also the first and the only one till date to have a fully digital programmable custom made for your ear, 100% invisible hearing aid (IIC). Starkey’s latest innovations in hearing aid design create an unparalleled listening experience while eliminating some of the most frustrating characteristics of older hearing aids. For the first time ever, hearing aids are virtually feedback-free. Starkey’s nanotechnology has allowed them to incorporate automatic telephone recognition across their full line of hearing aids.


At Starkey, they know the art and science of hearing better than anyone else. From ear moulds and hearing protection devices to custom devices, Starkey’s made-for-you mentality is behind every hearing aid they create. Starkey is also known for their willingness to try difficult fittings when others won't.


Starkey Hearing Technologies with their wireless hearing aids to invisible to iPhone compatible hearing aids offers the most advanced and comprehensive hearing solutions. With Starkey hearing aids one can be rest assured that it would meet the strict standards with respect to comfort, performance and personalisation, thereby ensuring that better hearing is possible

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Sandip Banerjee

My daughter has a delayed speech.We went to Apollo Kolkata they treated her wrong.Then last month we went to Chennai Apollo Hospital & meet with the ENT Dr Balaji. He diagnosed her with a hearing loss in both the ear.He ... more

Arathi Laxman

Astra Hearing Care is all about excellence at it starts from Dr. Rajan and is exhibited by the entire staff. This is a doctor who cares that his patient’s problem is solved to the best of his ability. This kind ... more

Anupam Srivastava

I've had moderate to severe hearing loss in both ears for several years, which has necessitated using top-of-the-line hearing aids and interacting with several audiologists. Late last year, I came to Astra for Starkey's (then new) Halo, when I ... more

Swaminathan Balakrishnan

There are many hearing-aid sellers in the market, but a few is customizing and personalising the product. It was fortunate I discovered Astra Hearing Care where I met Dr. Rajan, an expert Audiologist who is lofty, yet humble ... more

Loveena Murugan

Having been diagnosed with bilateral sudden sensorineural hearing loss of significant degree, with almost nil hearing in the left, I was referred to Astra Hearing Care for evaluation and assessment. I walked into Astra distraught and shattered ... more

Muthuswamy Ramachandran

Awesome service being experienced for years. Patience with the patients to the core....Well done and Keep up the good service. ... more


I had a very pleasant experience when I bought my hearing aid from Astra. The staff are very knowledgeable and extremely professional. As I was a victim of mis-selling earlier it came as a pleasant surprise that they recommended a device which ... more

Carlos Gil Sobera

The first thing that you see when entering is the Budha. I love this. The consultations rooms being made with transparent glass I like very much too giving a seamless feeling of IN and OUT and the fluidity of the people working there ... more

Mani Arunachalam

I have had a hearing loss for many years. I put off purchasing hearing aids for a long time because I didn’t want to wear traditional hearing aids. My hearing loss began affecting my professional and personal life. Until I ... more

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