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Noise induced hearing loss

Noise Reduction, Hearing Protection and Musician Ear Plugs

Hearing loss could occur because of an individual’s occupation, recreational activities like frequently visiting marriage halls, concerts and music clubs or just by simply exposing oneself to noises above 85db. Researches have established that exposure to noises above 85db for just 8 hours would put you at a risk of hearing loss. Factory workers, Marine engineers, musicians, music bar workers and police personnel are especiallyprone to noise induced hearing loss.

Protection against noise induced hearing loss

It is important that individuals in the above said high risk professions protect their hearing from hearing lossdue to high decibel noises. Astra Hearing care in partnership with Starkey hearing Technologies offer you a variety of hearing protection products that consists of custom made earplugs, musician ear plugs with sound attenuators and industrial ear plugs.

Latest hearing protection device – ‘Sound Gear’

‘Sound Gear’ is the latest in hearing protection devices that are 100% digital and has the capacity to make an individual hear speech in noisy environments at the same time automatically protecting his ears from loud noises. ‘Sound Gear’ is available in behind the ear (BTE), In-the-Canal (ITC) or is custom made for ones ears. ‘Sound Gear’ is ideal for Police officers, Marine engineers, Bar workers or any individual who whose work in loud industrial noises.